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Generic Name Brand name* Therapeutic class
Alfuzosin HCl ER Tabs Uroxatral® BPH Agent Details
Amoxicillin Caps Amoxil® Antibacterial Details
Amoxicillin OS Amoxil® Antibacterial Details
Amoxicillin Tabs Amoxil® Antibacterial Details
Cefadroxil Capsule Duricef® Antibiotic Details
Cefadroxil Oral Suspension Duricef® Antibiotic Details
Cefdinir Caps Omnicef® Antibiotic Details
Cefprozil OS Cefzil® Anti-Infective Details
Cefprozil Tabs Cefzil® Anti-Infective Details
Cefuroxime Axetil Tabs Ceftil® Antibiotic Details
Clarithromycin Tabs Biaxin® Macrolide Antibiotic Details
Cyclobenzaprine HCl Tablets Fexmid® Skeletal muscle relaxant (centrally acting) Details
Divalproex Sodium DR Tabs Depakote® Anticonvulsant Details
Doxycycline Hyclate Caps Vibramycin® Antibacterial Details
Doxycycline Hyclate Tabs Vibra-Tabs® Antibacterial Details
Duloxetine DR Caps Cymbalta® Neurological (CNS) Details
Felodipine ER Tabs Plendil® Antihypertensive Details
Flecainide Acetate Tablets Tambocor® Antiarrhythmic Details
Fluconazole OS DiFlucan® Antifungal Details
Fluconazole Tabs DiFlucan® Antifungal Details

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